Pay off debt smarter

Tailored to your personal goals, Bright helps you pay off debt 8 times faster.

How Bright works


Connect in a snap

Link your checking account, then add your credit cards, student loans, or any debt. It only takes a few minutes.


Set your own pace

Tell us which cards or debts to pay. And start with a pace that's comfortable for you - you can change it any time.


Get debt-free - automatically

Bright analyzes your finances, then moves money for you, paying off debts quickly. meeting your goals and saving you more. You pay less in interest - and never pay a late fee.


Take a Brighter path

Bright puts more money in your pocket than you can on your own. And the best part: A.I. does it all - automatically.

Secure a Brighter financial future

Pay off debt

Clear credit card debt faster

Grow your savings

Save for when you need it most

Start investing

Achieve financial stability

Users love Bright

Amazing app!
tmb471842, 10/16/2020

Already paid off 3 credit cards in 8 months with Bright! Winning!

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I'm debt free
Aeon33, 11/10/2020

Paid off $2,500 in debt without even worrying about it. Thanks, Bright.

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Great app!
ceelo00, 03/26/2021

It has been an excellent tool to get a couple of my credit cards paid down.

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